Rope Course - 10Acts

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₹300 20 Minutes per head/sets/laps

Week day Monday - Friday ₹250
Week end Saturday and SundayFriday 4:00pm till Sunday ₹300

Note:There might be slight difference in time as per the booking.


A Rope Course generally in a far off resort or in the forest of Chikka Mangalore or Coorg But not this one @ PF, Yes this is the only rope Course which is 500 mtrs away from Infosys HO in Bangalore, India.On the Hosur main road just a few KM from Sarjapur and Koramanagala. 

This means that at PF you would have a challenging outdoor team building activities at a height of 15 Ft (Level 1) and at 25 ft (level 2) where the challenging but friendly course where one would need to cross different obstacles and hurdles at a height where one would see a totally different electronic city or National High way or the Elevated road from a height which makes you for once feel happy of the Bangalore traffic as you are above it. 

An ideal team Building safe activity where you can a family from a 5 yr. old to a 70 year old, provided you’re not scared of heights or take a try even if you are scared. As even if you fall down or experienced staff at the SKY MONKEY will literally bring you back on track.   We have had many parties where children have refused to get off the course. It is an Addictive, challenging, fun, thrilled, safe and active sports which can even made you a bolder person.

As we always say from Play Factory “Bring out the child in you " is exactly what Sky monkey rope Course does. We have had 30 year old mothers scream like 5 yr. old child, and a 5 yr. old child bravely crosses all the 20 obstacles in a record time where the mother may be crossing the 1st or 2nd one. This activity levels everyone as ONE and it is a great team building activity, which can take 30 to 45 minutes.

Safety Harness are mandatory and the Rope connected to the Rope Course will have to be there at all times during the activities. 

This is a highly safe equipment which is sourced from Italy and only can be opened by Rope Man

Who are not a sports or may not be keen to do the activities but can keep an eye on you. Can only feel jealous for being as involved. HANG ON!! if they have a smart phone they could take pictures of you 'just a few mtrs away and take a trip on the funny faces that you would have made, which is only possible at SKY MONKEY ( Play Factory Rope Course ).

And in the mean time they would have had a few sips of a drink or starters which you missed. 

Anyone at PF A customer / Co Customer will always go back happy.


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