Indoor Cricket

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₹350 60 Minutes per head/sets/laps

Week day Monday - Friday ₹250
Week end Saturday and SundayFriday 4:00pm till Sunday ₹350
Cricket Court ₹ 3600 / 1.5 Hrs

Note:There might be slight difference in time as per the booking.


The game of Indoor Cricket can be played in any suitably sized multi-purpose sports hall. There is evidence of the game being played in the 1920s and 1930s.Furthermore, it was played in the 1960s as a means of giving amateur and professional cricketers a means of playing their sport during the winter months. The first recorded organised Indoor Cricket league in the world took place in 1970 in North Shropshire, and the first national tournament was completed in 1976 with over 400 clubs taking part. By 1979 over 1000 clubs were taking part in Indoor Cricket in the UK, and it remains extremely popular today with many leagues around the country. Other forms of Indoor Cricket have been developed, based on variations of the indoor game.
Week Days 250/- Per Head 1 Hour
Week End 350/- Per Head 1 Hour (Friday 4:00pm Till Sunday)

2. Minimum Person can be Played=2
Maximum Person can be Played=10
3. Dress Code:
1. Please do come in sports attire for Cricket.( jeans, cargo's NOT ALLOWED)
2. No Boots allowed. Trainers or Non Marking Shoes only.
• 8 players a side, minimum of 6 players.
•  No-Ball and Wides counted +2 is added runs to the totatl score, ball is counted except in the last 3balls of bating pair.
•  Each time you get out, 3 runs would be deducted from the total score.
• You bat in pairs and each pair plays 4 overs regardless of the number of times they are dismissed. Striker has to reach the halfway crease and the Non Striker has to reach the Striker's end from the  halfway crease to complete a run.
•  Each player has to bowl 2 overs.
•  You can be caught off any nets, except when the ball directly makes contact with Zone D either directly or via the top net.
•  The court is divided into 4 scoring zones and hittingthe ball into each zone would earn you bonus run that are attached to the zone.
1. Zone A: 0 runs
2. Zone B: 1 Run
3. Zone C: 2 Runs
4. Zone D: 6 Runs if hit on the full; 4 Runs on bounce
5. Zone B or C onto Zone D: 3 Runs.
•  In order to get the above bonus runs, a minimum of 1 physical run should be taken. The ball is live at all times – the atsman can score at any time and they could also be run out anytime.
•  Increased Stamina and Endurance:
•  Balance
•  Cardio
•  Improved Motor Skills
•  Social Skills
•  Muscle Toning
6. Involvement of Others:
Both Men and women Participate in the Game
7. Cleanliness:
8. All Day All Time:
Night match, night tournament we run 24/7and all time.
9. Small and Large Groups:
•  Small group can play as a time limit
•  Large group can full match.
10. Viewer Involvement:
While participants Playing, other than the participants also got interest to join with them.
11. History:
Indoor Sports Australia and Cricket Australia, have reached an agreement which sees Indoor Cricket become an integral part of Cricket Australia's operations effective Monday 9 February 2009. There are more than 100 Indoor Cricket Centres spread throughout every State and Territory, with 200,000 active participants across Australia.With cricket's vision to be Australia's favourite sport, this union is an exciting strategic step which will benefit the collective cricket community in the pursuit of this vision. There are few better places for young children to learn the game of cricket than at an Indoor Centre where the bounce is true, you are protected from the elements and the ball keeps coming back! Whilst growing the participant and customer base of cricket is the key element of this agreement, it is also important to highlight the enormous success that the Australian Indoor Cricket Men's and Women's team have
experienced. Australia are the current Men's, Women's, Boys 19 and Under, and Girls 19 and Under World Champions! Each team will be defending their world title at the World Cup for Indoor Cricket being held in Brisbane in October 2009 against countries like India, England, South Africa, New Zealand, Wales, France, Canada, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
In play factory the highest scorer ( 238) in 16 overs match the name of the team CHAMPIONS (Rahul)
13. Safety:
Our Indoor Arena is Full of Safety and we had first Aid Kit For Minor Injuries.


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