Indoor Football

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₹200 30 Minutes per head/sets/laps

Week day Monday - Friday ₹150
Week end Saturday and SundayFriday 4:00pm till Sunday ₹200
Football Court ₹ 3600 / 1.5 Hrs

Note:There might be slight difference in time as per the booking.


In the United States, indoor football is football played at ice hockey-sized indoor arenas. While varied, the rules of indoor football are designed to allow for play in a smaller arena. The indoor football season typically begins in mid- to late-winter and ends by mid-summer. San Jose Saber Cats and Columbus Destroyers in Arena Bowl XXI, the 2007 championship game of the Arena Football League.
2. Minimum Person Can be Played= 2
Maximum Person Can be Played= 10.
3. Dress Code:
1. Please do come in sports attire for Football.( jeans, cargo's NOT ALLOWED).
2. No Boots allowed. Trainers or Non Marking Shoes only.
4. Basic Rules:
 5A Side game (4+1)+3 substitutes and rolling substitutes.
 No outlines.
 Goal keeper can catch the ball only inside the D-Box. If he
 Catches the ball from outside the D-Box then it is a direct
 In case of any foul outside the D-Box then it is a free kick.
 It is a 30 minutes game (15+15).
 No corners, no outlines, only goal keeper should throw the
 Ball underarm.
 In case of draw, then it is a direct penalty shootout.
 Starting three penalties for each team, in case of draw one
 more penalty(i.e., sudden death).
 Umpire decision is a final decision.
 Use shin guards for your safety.
 Goal keeper can use gloves.
 First foul is a warning,2nd warn is first yellow card and if
 the person hit wantedly then we can issue red card in which
 the person have to stay out for two or three minutes.
 If a person gets red card in another match ,then that person
 will be out of the tournament.
 All the player should carry their own football kit.
 Players should only use non-marking sports shoes.
 Players are not allowed to play in an intoxicated state.
 Increased Stamina and Endurance:
 Improved Motor Skills
 Social Skills
 Muscle Toning
6. Involvement of Others:
Both Men and women Participate in the Game
7. Cleanliness:
8. All Day All Time:
Night match, night tournament we run 24/7 and all time.
9. Small and Large Groups:
 Small group can play as a time limit
 Large group can full match .
10.Viewer Involvement:
While participants Playing, other than the participants also got interest to join with them.
11. History:
The first documented indoor football games were those played at the Chicago Coliseum in the late 1890's. The first such game matched  Michigan against Chicago on Thanksgiving Day 1896. The match was "the first collegiate game of football played under a roof" Adding to the novelty, as daylight turned to darkness, the field inside the Coliseum was lit with electric lighting.[3] With seven acres of floor space, the sprawling Coliseum is believed to have not needed any compromises to accommodate an American football field. According to a newspaper account, the field grew dark in the second half, and play was halted for ten minutes to discuss whether play should continue. Play was resumed, and the lights were finally turned on after Michigan scored a touchdown.
[1] The press proclaimed the experiment in indoor football to be a success:
12. Safety:
Our Indoor Arena is Full of Safety and we had first Aid Kit For Minor Injuries.


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