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Projection Game ( CHOTO BEAM )

A Place to be for the kids to Reclaim and Cherish their childhood. We at Play Factory introduce you to the arena for the age group of 2 years and above to the New generation play ground.   

Chota BEAM - Our latest attraction.

The BEAM Floor is an exciting interactive playground that offers children a variety of fun, motion-activated games. 

The BEAM Floor is a highly effective, captivating interactive playground for kids as it allows multiple users to move, jump, run, dance and use their hands at the same time. The platform is very good at holding children's attention because it encourages intuitive, natural interactivity and offers a variety of playful graphics and sounds. Kids can spend hours engaged in playing games and moving around to set the sounds and graphics in motion. The interactive floor is primarily designed for young children, but it can easily keep the whole family entertained. 

The exciting active play platform offers a varied range of motion-activated games that challenge children to move around the virtual display and engage their whole bodies to play. 

Rates / person : INR 150/- plus taxes ( 5 set) - Weekend & Public Holidays

                              INR 75/- plus taxes ( 5 set) - Week Days