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• Indoor Cricket played on a specially designed ‘tension net’ indoor court with a softer leather ball is played by teams of eight people and has different rules to the traditional game. A game only takes about 90 minutes. This game orginated from South Africa to follow International format.
• A fast paced and highly active variation of the sport with a few twist and turns in the rules that keeps every player engaged in the sport.
• With everyone being involved to the same degree and not having to be super fit. Indoor Cricket is the perfect sport for players of all abilities.
• Indoor cricket can be played in all weather conditions.
• It’s a variant and shares many basic concepts with regular cricket.

  • Wear gloves while batting.
  • Wear non-marking sports shoes while playing in the court.
  • Wear only sports clothing.
  • Let us know if you have any prior medical conditions.
  • Help us keep the premises neat and clean.
  • Cheer for in court player from spectator stands.
  • Return the equipment’s provided by play factory without any damages.
  • Carry your own personal relevant protective equipment.
  • Try to be cordial with your fellow in-court players and staff and also exhibit sportsman spirit at all times.
  • Extend your full co-operation with management/staff.
  • Report ahead of scheduled time of your game.
  • Promptly report any injuries or suspicious activities.
  • Please register your teams with all details
  • Have a lot of fun.
  • Strictly avoid spikes, studs and any other marking shoes in the play area.
  • Personal belongings inside the play area is prohibited.
  • In all games/ competition, Umpire’s decision is final.
  • Avoid leaving your personal belongings un-attended; management is not responsible for loss.
  • Management reserves the right to prevent any one playing in an intoxicated state