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Beach Arena - Kabaddi

Beach Kabaddi is another form of Kabaddi which was included as a major discipline in the 1st Asian Beach Games held at Bali in the year 2008 in both the men & women section. Beach Kabaddi is played outdoors on the beach sand with teams consisting of six players each, with four players a side and two substitute players. The play field measures 11 x 7 meters [Men] & 10 x 06 [Women] divided into two equal halves by a midline.  The duration of the match is of two halves of 15 minutes each with a break of 05 minutes [15 – 05 - 15]. In Beach Kabaddi, there is no out or revival of players as in the regular Kabaddi. There is no baulk line, bonus line and lobbies in Beach Kabaddi. Beach Kabaddi gained unprecedented popularity due to the easy to comprehend rules and the thrill of the sport with no equipment required since Beach Kabaddi is played on natural beach surface outdoors.


1) Team

Each team will consist of 6 Players. 4 Players will take the ground at a time and the remaining two players will be substitutes.

2) Duration of the match

The duration of the time of the match will be two halves of 15 minutes in case of Men, Women, Junior Boys and Junior Girls with a 5 Minute interval. In case of Sub-Junior Boys & Sub-Junior Girls two halves of 10 Minutes with a 5 minute interval. The teams will change court after interval.

NOTE: The last raid of each half of the match will be allowed to be completed even after completion of the scheduled time as mentioned above.

3) System of Play

The out and revival rule will not be applicable. Only point/points scored will be counted.

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